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[Chief Editor: Chien Yi Lee, Inventor of Universal Computer Source Code (UCSC), which is endorsed by Prof. C. V. Ramamoorthy and when in combination, as Computing With Integers, with Computing With Words of Dr. Lotfi Zadeh forms Universal User Interface of Human-Language Programming (HLP) of Universal Permanent Software (UPS)].

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Happy New Year 2012

The Year of the Implementation of Post-Science


Open-Ended Debate of World's Greatest Innovations

Research and Incubation Center (RIC) of NPU

47092 Mission Falls Court, Fremont, CA

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Two Post-Science Projects:

1. Universal Permanent Number (UPN) Based on Universal Permanent Software
2. Permanent Life Extension: The Mind Is Temporary, and DNA Is Permanent.

Universal Permanent Number (UPN) could be the first company, which truly belongs to the Age of Life Science or the Age of Complete Automation and has a potential market capitalization of trillion dollars. UPN is based on Universal Permanent Software (UPS), which is a completely automated software and enables humans and computers to communicate solely and forever in native human languages. Human-Language Programming is the solution of software. Click Here to Go To Human-Language Programming (UPS): The Solution of Software

DNA is by far the most valuable product in the universe. Thus, death is the biggest loss and the greatest insult in life. The knowledge in the mind can be preserved in books and other type of publications, and DNA should be preserved by cloning, after a DNA has demonstrated through a life-time of expression that it has positive value. UPS can be used to simulate the DNA system, where DNA has been assigned the UPNs 0, 1, 2, 3.

"As human beings representing the intelligence of the DNA Software System, we should strive to write software based on the software foundation connected to the DNA System." Hugh Ching, Founder of Post-Science

Farewell To Freedom

(An Attribute To Paul Feyerabend, Author of Farewell To Reason)

Material objects are not free because their motions are governed by non-violable laws of nature in science.

Human beings are not free because their behaviors are regulated by non-violable laws of nature in social science.

The design of software, which including DNA, the code of life, is not free because it must satisfy the requirement of permanence or the value of software will be zero or negative.

Ignorant of the laws in science causes the non-scientific cultures to be defeated and dominated by the scientific culture.

Ignorant of the laws in social science causes the world to be plagued constantly by social and financial crises.

Ignorant of the requirement of permanence causes the bulk of software budget to be used for software update and maintenance.

We Are Free Only Within The Limit Of Freedom.

But, The Limit Of Freedom Is Outside Of The Present Human Intelligence

Today, mankind can only handle 5-variable problems in science. We need intelligence to handle problems in social science with 50 variables and problems in life or computer science with 500 variables.

Two Problems for Post-Science

1. How to increase human intelligence so that it can handle problems in social and life sciences?

2. How to achieve permanent life extension so that valuable DNA can be preserved? Additionally, the concept of permanent life extension will lead to infinite consideration of one’s actions, such as the repayment for atrocious evil might not end with death.


The State of the World 2012

Currently, the main economic problem is distribution not productivity. Productivity has been greatly enhanced by competition under free capitalistic systems. Military confrontation is the ultimate competition and has pushed science to a point that productivity based on technological advancement would be able to produce the basic needs for the world, if the products can be correctly distributed and the resource can be correctly allocated.

The solution of distribution is contained in the solution of value, which contains around 50 variables verses solutions in science, which contains about 5 variables. As the Great Depression Economists are dying off, the society no longer have the greatest minds of the time devoting their thinking power to economics. The world is heading into financial disaster, if the solution of value cannot be understood and implemented. Generally, a problem must be solved by solutions, not ideas.

The best minds today are switching from physics and mathematics to computer or life science, but problems in computer or life science contain around 500 variables, while the Nobel Prize winners can barely handle 10 variables. Only four people, Ta-You Wu, Hugh Ching, T. L. Kunii, and Rustin Roy can think and understand the significance of the physics solution of touch, which contains 25 variables.

Tyler Cowan has the right idea when he claims that society has picked all the easy low-hanging fruits. He should step outside of the view of the establishment to see things from a reverse view point that human intelligence is deficient in understanding social and life sciences. Bob Block is moving in the right direct, trying to improve human intelligence through child brain development. He is also smart to look into economics and business management. But, it is really that the human brain power needs to be enhance by 50 to 100% or more in order to move society beyond the current Age of Science. He needs to look into subjects related to trophic factors, which enhances brain power in preemies at UC San Diego and Stanford University.

Living organisms are created with a great deal of tolerance. Thus, fuzziness is not only a characteristic of reality involving living organisms, particularly humans, but also a factor in the design of socioeconomic and living systems, such as in the solution of value and the solution of software. For example, the Infinite Spreadsheet requires fuzziness to justify its approximate time-invariant inputs, and although Computing with Integers is rigorous, Computing with Words must be based on Human Associative Memory, which is fuzzy.

Three 2012 Goals of Post-Science

1. Debate the Question: Is Productivity or Distribution the Main Problem Today?

2. Debate Whether ALL Laws Should Be Discovered, as in Science, or Made by Man?

3. Debate Which Is Correct: English-like or Integer-Like Source Code?

4. Make the Word “Fuzzy” Respectable in the Intellectual Community and Society.

Wild Chicks Of Reno ! ! !

Sexual orgasm is created to seduce animals to reproduce and to give humans pleasure. Sexual reproduction is, therefore, animalistic. Furthermore, it is intended to generate biodiversity for the purpose of the survival of spiecies. The mixing of DNA in sexual reproduction destroys the fidelity of both DNAs from the two sexual partners. Only cloning can faithfully produce the living organism based on the original DNA. Cloning, therefore, is the civilized way and the intended way to reproduce identical living organisms, which have proven to be valuable with life-times of demonstration. In conclusion, sexual pleasure is intended to be enjoyed by civilized humans. Have Fun!

Ba Ba communicates with the Wild of Mt. Rose, Reno, Nevada, USA

Toy Dancing Doll Standing In For The Cameraman.

Jumpulse Dance to Power Rap at Fibbar Maggie to "Rump Shacker" 2009

Post-Science Research Projects

The recent financial crisis exposes two major defects of our world. First, social science does not even have a solution for the basic socioeconomic problem of our chronicle financial crises. Secondly, our world has run out of significant innovations, after decades concentrating on the short-sighted application, rather than the fundamental discovery, of knowledge. Government or the public should be in charge of knowledge, which is our common heritage. Society needs knowledge leaders as well as political leaders.

Immediate Research Projects (* On-going; ~ Planned):

1. Financial Reform (Dual Valuation Reform) Based On Valuation*,
2. Survey Of Predictive Valuation Methods*,
3. Mathematical Foundation Of Social Science (with Kenneth Arrow)~,
4. All People Programming Language (with Richard Stallman)~,
5. Jumpulse Mechanism~,
6. Jumpulse Practice Racket With Prolong Detection~,
7. Active Automobile Shock Absorber~,
8. Jumpulse Provisional Patent~

Other Long-Term Projects:

(1) Valuation Center,
(2) Global Valuation Standard Based On Infinite Spreadsheet*
(3) Jumpulse Robotics Laboratory (Initial concentration: software and touch),
(4) Homotopy Graphics Laboratory (with T. L. Kunii),
(5) Post-Science Medicine: A Theoretical Foundation For Natural Medicines*,
(6) Replacing Peer Review Process By Valuation In Determining Funding Priority

Valuation Example for (6):

Valuation of the Value of the Valuation System for Determining Funding Priority
First to Third Year Revenue(Valuation of 1000 projects x $100): $100,000 per year
Fourth to Twentieth Year Revenue Growth Rate: 100% per year
Revenue Growth after Twentieth Year to Infinity: 10% per year
Rate of Return for the Initial Four Years: 100% per year
Rate of Return for the Fifth Year to Infinity: 40% per year
No Finance
Price : $2.1 Million

Post-Science 2010 New Year Resolution

Post-Science Practical Vision I for the World

Achieving Full Employment by Eliminating All Technical Barriers in Software Usage

Of all the advantages in software design, none is more important than the design requirement of permanence achieved through complete automation, as exemplified by the living system. Generally, a permanent entity will someday be infinitely more valuable than a temporary entity. In fact, permanence could be the only discipline of its own for computer science, and is the main characteristics of life science, which can be defined as the programming of DNA, the prime example of a completely automated software system. The condition of permanence is achieved through endless self-generation and automatic updating, which are necessary features of complete automation. Without auto-updating, nearly all the software budget today is allocated for software manual updating.

The three main innovations in the completely automated software are (1) Universal User Interface, (2) Universal Computer Source Code, and (3) Universal Data File, the last of which has been thoroughly examined by the patent examiner for the completely automated software "Self-generating and Completely Automated Software System" Pat. No. 5, 485, 601 and only needs to be understood by technical people. Just the first two innovations should provide a convincing argument for the absolute need of the completely automated software.

Universal Computer Source Code is simply integers from minus to plus infinity. The completely automatic manipulation of integers by the computer is the key to complete automation. The Integer is the natural language of the machine or the computer. DNA, represented by 1, 2, 3, and 4, is the ultimate example of Universal Computer Source Code.

However, the integer representation of machine instructions is hard for the human users to remember. To minimize the technical barrier to computer usage, instructions should be explained and documented in human native languages or universal symbols. Universal User Interface is a tree-structured, numerical multiple-choice question format, which allows the human user to understand the questions expressed in human understandable expressions and the computer to handle the integer answers.

Humans have been created with the ability to remember an unlimited amount of information through Universal User Interface, which groups similar items in the same branch of the tree-structured multiple-choice questions. This ability is related to the Human Associative Memory, which allows the human user to retrieve an unlimited amount of information from a computerized library catalog and gives humans the capability in their self-creation.

The completely automated software will bring about a technical breakthrough of historical proportion, even exceeding the significance of that of the Industrial Revolution. In addition to bridging the gap between human technology and creational technology, the completely automated software, with the elimination of all the technical barriers in computer usage, will make the tangible contribution of full employment, one of the ultimate goals of economics.

*All Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Shall Be Done With The Infinite Spreadsheet ! ! !  Click Here to go to the

Keywords (For Search):

post-science, postscience, Infinite Spreadsheet, Universal Permanent Software, Universal Permanent Numbers, Universal Computer Source Code, complete automation, jumpulse, double-hit, Jumpulse Dance, Jumpulse Tennis, non-violable laws of nature, time-variant, time-invariant, Maximum Planning, homotopy, Self-Creation, Ta-You Wu, T. L. Kunii, C. V. Ramamoorthy, Hugh Ching, Chien Yi Lee, 17 Houses of Zheng

A book on a scientific analysis of Roger Federer's forehand based on the solution of touch

The Jumpulse Stroke

What Is Post-Science (In 100 Words Or Less)

Post-Science deals with knowledge beyond science, specifically,
1. Non-violable laws of nature in social science, for example, the Infinite Spreadsheet, patent "Quantitative Supply And Demand Model Based On Infinite Spreadsheet" (6,078,901),
2. The requirement of complete automation in computer science and the condition of permanence in life science, characterized by complete automation, for example, Permanent Software, patent "Completely Automated And Self-generating Software System" (5,485,601), and
3. The solution of touch, collision without bounce, or the solution of prolonged contact, the secret of consistency in sports, with the new concept in physics, jumpulse.

[Editorial Note: Even with the enormous lead of post-science over the current intellectual establishment in knowledge, it would be a challenge for the Nobel Prize Committee not to recognize within the next few decades the three groundbreaking fundamental achievements in knowledge from Post-Science Institute: (1) the physics solution of touch, (2) the economic solution of value, and (3) the life science solution of complete automation, which characterizes life and identifies DNA as a complete automated software. Additionally, the solution of peace lies in knowledge of rational arbitration, which is a part of the solution of value and will balance unconstrained international competitions, such as wars, with cooperation. Peace and cooperation will fit better than war and competition with the purpose of our existence, namely, self-creation, which will be realized with a sufficient understanding of the technology of creation or of life. The Nobel Peace Prize should be given to people of knowledge rather than just people of good intentions. Overall, the Nobel Price has done a disservice to knowledge and society by seducing the best minds into the relatively useless field of science. The Nobel Committee, a competitor of Post-Science Institute representing the establishment, must stop using money to influence the direction of knowledge. However, the immediate concern of Post-Science Institute is to dominate commercial real estates with its complete and deterministic solution of real estate appraisal. We welcome all intellectual-oriented people having an interest in real estate or business to join us. Thank you for your attention. CYL]

Post-Science Institute Members

Second Swimming Session

Toy Dancing Doll and Little Puppy with Infinite and Jumpulse

The Jumpulse Dance

"Just Dance" Jumpulse Dance at Pearl, San Jose, May 2009

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"Push It" Jumpulse Dance at Zen Mt. View June 2009

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Dr. Ta-You Wu Had The Problem Of Touch (Collision Without Bounce)
Solved Before Touch Was Recognized As A Problem
(Click Here for an introduction in Chinese: Ta-You Wu vs. Isaac Newton).
Jumpulse Is The Solution To Touch.

A Problem To Challenge The World

How To Keep A Tennis Ball In Prolonged Contact
With The Racket During Impact ?

If you have the answer to the above problem, in any language, please email your answer to Prof. Chien Yi Lee
Email: jumpulse(at) (You have matched Dr. Wu in thinking ability !)

An Introduction To Post-Science

Post-Science: The Minimum Knowledge For Being A Human

Post-science contains the solutions of value and software described in the patents: "Quantitative Supply And Demand Model Based On Infinite Spreadsheet" (Pat. No. 6,078,901) and "Completely Automated And Self-generating Software System" (Pat. No. 5,485,601). It also contains the solution of touch, collision without bouncing off. Today, no robot can touch; the robot finger bounces of a surface like a tennis ball bounces off a racket.

The solution of value is necessary for rational behavior. The solution of complete automated software explains life, which is characterized by complete automation and functions according the programming of DNA, a completely automated software.

Science has demonstrated the existence of non-violable laws of nature in physical science. The solution of value, being completely mathematically rigorous, is a non-violable law of nature in social science.

The solution of software imposes the requirement of permanent existence, which can be achieved through complete automation, specifically, through auto-updating in the completely automated software.

Without the guidance of behavior by the solution of value, human beings are not much different from animals and could even be considered the worst of all the beasts, having weapons from science. Ultimately, the meaning of life is in its value.

To understand the purpose of existence, human beings should know the design, or its absence, of their own creation or the origin of life. The discovery of the solution of completely automated software, of which DNA is a prime example, has made feasible the creation of living organisms by the programming of DNA.

Life science or the creation of life involves all the knowledge, particularly, physical and social sciences. For example, the value of a life, which is designed for permanent existence through the propagation of DNA, should be analyzed based on the expected consequences of its existence to infinity in time before its creation. Also, the solution of touch must be thoroughly understood before the creation of any living thing with the ability of touch.

In the process of their self-creation, humans will know from the design criteria the purpose of their existence. Self-creation is the ultimate wisdom of the universe, for what is self-created will be able to do anything the creators can do.

Please click here for a comparison between Post-Normal Science and Post-Science

The WORLD Needs To Know
! ! ! How To Set Interest Rate ! ! !

Post-Science Solution For the Current Subprime Woe

Most past and future financial crises are due to the violation of the logical economic relationship:

Inflation Rate < Interest Rate < (Expected) Rate of Return

(The interest rate should be greater than the inflation rate and be less than the rate of return)

Post-Science Institute is the first and still the only company which can determine the expected rate of return. For the post-science solution for the current subprime woe, please click Click Here.

Please click here to view the complete Open Communications with Fed and Fed Chairman Dr. Ben S. Bernanke.

Two Major Practical Accomplishments of Post-Science

1. The Best Tennis And Table Tennis Stroke: The Jumpulse Stroke

(The Jumpulse Stroke is based on the solution of touch and prolonged contact by Dr. Ta-You Wu and Dr. Hugh Ching, two of the four founding members of Post-Science Institute. In practice, it has been demonstrated by Chuang Tse-Tung in table tennis and Roger Federer in tennis.)

2. Infallible Real Estate Prediction: Infinite Spreadsheet Real Estate Valuation System

(The Infinite Spreadsheet Real Estate Valuation System is based on the solution of value, where value is defined as the sum total of all the benefits and losses to infinity in time. The infallible predictions are based on the detection with just a few calculations of the over and under-valuation of the real estate market.)

The Law PQ=VM implies that money supply should be increased with an increase of value. As an example of the infantile stage of our current economic system, today, the money supply is accidentally tied to the national debt, mostly as governmental excessive spending, and the international trade seems to be supported by the US trade deficit.

The Only Success of Post-Science

Jumpulse Dance

. Being anti-establishment, most post-science solutions are not undersandable to the establishment, except the Jumpulse Dance, which needs no explanation.

One Yet-To-Be Fulfilled Vision Of Post-Science:


(Most importantly, Post-Science Institute will offer the world the vision of self-creation, for which Dr. T. L. Kunii, another founder of Post-Science Institute, has built the knowledge foundation of descriptive knowledge based on homotopy and Dr. Hugh Ching has established the foundation of structural knowledge based on the discovery of complete automation software, which implies permanent existence through completely automated update, such as in life, and is verified by Prof. C. V. Ramamoorthy, also a founding member of Post-Science Institute. The complete automated software provides the foundation for the creation of life, where life science can be defined as the programming of DNA, possibly the ultimate form of the completely automated software.)


There are people who are halfway between creators and ordinary people. They are thinkers. The definition of a thinker is people who can think problems over 10 variables, which are roughly what can be handled by Nobel Prize Winners, who are still understandable to the establishment.

Examples of thinkers are the religious founders, Milton Friedman, the top thinker of the twentieth century, Karl Marx, who is the counterpart of Friedman, Ta-You Wu, who can think the solution of touch, which involves 25 variables, and past thinkers, such as Immanuel Kant and Benedict Spinoza, who are still not understood by the people of the twentieth century.

Post-science can provide the solutions for testing whether a person is a thinker. Anyone, who can demonstrate the physical thinking of prolonged contact, can be considered a thinker. Anyone, who can understand the problem and the solution of value, is a good thinker. Anyone, who can even fully understand the problem of complete automation, would be comfortable among thinkers. Those, who can understand the solution of completely automated software, would be considered a great thinker.

However, a common characteristic of a thinker is that he or she will not be understandable to the establishment of the time, until society understands creation. Modern universities have been established as refugee for thinkers. In the future, Post-Science Institute will be a refugee for true thinkers, who have demonstrated their abilities to handle post-science.

Karl Marx classifies people by their wealth. Post-science would classify people mainly by their knowledge. From the post-science point of view, people can be classified into groups, such as insect-like, animal-like, machine-like, monk-like, human-like, creator-like, toy-like, based on their knowledge. These are rough classifications with no intentions of being formal. The classifications are similar to those used in existentialism, where a person tends to be animal-like when young and human-like when old.

After nearly 40 years of presence, post-science understands the establishment far better than the reverse. To defend itself, it classifies people into, for example (You should find which class you belong. The classes are arranged in order of knowledge advancement):

Insect-Like: Living for the instant based solely on instincts. The way to identify them is that they even bite great thinkers. They tolerate the rule by dictators.

Animal-Like: Having the competitive traits of fight or flight with finite planning. One way to identify them is that they do not bite great thinkers. They demand total freedom under democracy without knowledge of the limit of freedom.

Toy-Like: Having no ambition, but intense interest in fun and knowledge, as companions of great thinkers. Examples are Toy Dancing Doll and Little Puppy. Toy-Like humans are like machines and, therefore, Machine-Like.

Monk-Like: Admitting total ignorance in social behavior and, thus, living lives of complete self-constrain and in meditation. Most hermits, monks, and priests are Monk-Like.

Machine-Like: Having scientific and technological skills based on non-violable laws of nature in science. The way to identify them is that they even criticize religious founders, who are Creator-Like. They also treat others as Machine-Like; while animals and Animals-Like kill mostly for food and defense, Machine-Like humans are the cause of mass destruction. They are the product of science and machine like scientific thinking, which concentrates on analysis and ignores the most fundamental perception and creativity. Thus, another way to test oneself if one is Machine-Like is to ask oneself "Would I be willing to push the button?"

Human-Like: Knowing most relevant non-violable laws of nature in social science with planning considered to infinity in time. Some of the greatest thinkers are Human-Like.

Thinker-Like: If your friends are thinkers, you are Thinker-Like

Creator-Like: Having creative tendencies with a worldly and permanent view of the living system. Founders of religions are Creator-Like.

Generally, post-science is anti-establishment, for the purpose of thinking is to discover anti-establishment solutions, which has theoretical or practical support. Due to the limited space and time, established views are not mentioning under the topic of post-science.

Being anti-establishment, most post-science solutions are, understandably, not accepted or understood by the establishment. However, almost all the top professional tennis players play with the Jumpulse Stroke, without full understanding of its theory. What is more interesting and fortunate for post-science is that the Jumpulse Dance an invented of post-science does not need any understanding; the acceptance is in the people's reaction when they watch the dance.

For more information on post-science, please click here.
Post-Science Pioneers. Immanuel Kant, Benedict Spinoza, David Hilbert, Richard Courant, Harold Grad, John von Neuman, Alan Turning, Gerard Debreu, Kenneth Arrow, Milton Friedman, Ta-You Wu, T. L. Kunii, C. V. Ramamoorthy, Paul Feyerabend, Bill Kinnard, William Seidman, Richard Stallman, and Hugh Ching
Please contact Post-Science Institute by email: amy(at)jumpulse(dot)com or mail: PSI PO BOX 2663, Fremont, CA 94536 USA.