Infallible Public Stock Picks (week ending 8/24/2007 ATW, GSF, DCEL) and Prediction(3/26/2007 - 6/26/2007)

"Entering Into The Age Of Social Science Or Economic Prediction"

New! Learn the Secret of Consistency in Sports

"Teaching The World To Double Hit."

Never-Miss Table Tennis Lessons Based On Jumpulse

Dr. Ta-You Wu, the Father of Chinese Physics, coined the word "jumpulse" to denote a sudden change of force. Jumpulse is the solution of touch (collision without bounce), and prolonged contact (the secret of consistency in sports). Extending the natural human ability of touch from the hand to the racket, Post-Science Institute is starting on June 16, 2007 to give Family Jumpulse Table Tennis Lessons in the Silicon Valley, California, USA. At ClubSport in Fremont, California, children will learn Never-Miss Table Tennis based on the Jumpulse Stroke, as demonstrated by the forehand stroke of Roger Federer, the current world #1 tennis player, and their parents will learn the principle and the practice of the Jumpulse Stroke. For more information, please contact ClubSport (510) 226-8500.

Stock Prediction Seminar

Northwestern Polytechnic University (4/28/07)

Post-Science Applications: Infallible Stock Prediction, Never-Miss Tennis, Globally Searchable ID Numbers

Speaker: Dr. Hugh Ching, Founder of Post-Science (Assisted by Prof. Chien Yi Lee on Universal Computer Source Code based on completely automated software)
Date: 4/28/2007, Saturday
Time: 12:45 PM to 1:45 PM
Venue: Main Conference Room, NPU Administration Building
47671 Westinghouse Drive, Fremont, CA 94539

This seminar introduces post-science applications in four areas: (1) Stock Prediction, (2) Never-Miss Tennis, (3) Universal Permanent Numbers, and (4) Child Future Development (CFD). After a successful private stock investment, doubling every three months for a period of nine months, Post-Science Institute has started on March 26, 2007 a public stock prediction. For its first session, which has just concluded, the selected stock options have produced the rate of return of 25% in two weeks, and if it continues at this rate the annualized rate would be 2400%. The prediction of stock is still an on-going post-science project. The event is announced and reported daily in the Chinese web magazine and occasionally in other media. The stock prediction is a mechanical process based on the Infinite Spreadsheet ( The near infallibility of the post-science stock prediction reflects the absence of any reliable solution in social science and, consequently, the complete irrationality of our society, whose decisions are all made based on the finite spreadsheet. Another very active post-science application is Dr. Ta-You Wu's jumpulse (, which is the solution of touch or collision without bounce. Jumpulse is a sudden change of force, as impulse is a sudden change of momentum. The late Dr. Wu is the Father of Chinese Physics, and his jumpulse, in terms of relevance, far surpasses impulse of Isaac Newton, the Father of Western Physics. The unit of jumpulse is wu, where one wu equals one Newton. Current scientists still refuse to believe that touch is a physics problem; they try to solve the problem as a tactile or soft material problem, not as the interaction of forces during collision. Touch will thus be a world-wide knowledge debate of Wu vs. Newton, East vs. West, and post-science vs. science. Jumpulse can be demonstrated with never-miss table tennis or tennis. Jumpulse Table Tennis can also be used for Child Future Development of, say, a baby's vision for super-fast timing resolution in its first six months and the muscle for acceleration in its first two years. Post-science can raise human intelligence to a new level with an environment of the future characterized by jumpulse and the Infinite Spreadsheet. Universal Permanent Numbers are needed to provide Global Searchable ID Numbers and One-To-One Search Result, which are not available on Google and Yahoo. The Numbers will be remembered by completely automated software, which should be the foundation of life, or computer, science. Computer science is currently partially automated.

Biographies: (;
Dr. Hugh Ching, founder of post-science, inventor of the Infinite Spreadsheet, Universal Permanent Numbers, and Ball Control (MIT SB, SM, ScD), student of Dr. Ta-You Wu.
Prof. Chien Yi Lee, inventor of Universal Computer Source Code, which requires all computer source code be in the form of integers, student of Prof. C. V. Ramamoorthy.

Post-Science Challenges the Stock Market

Public Stock Prediction (Click Here For Stock Picks) ! ! !

What's New: (February 2007) Global Distribution of New Book (ISBN: 978-0-6151-3658-5): Knowledge There is a big gap between the completely automated technology of DNA of the living organisms and the current partially automated technology. This book attempts to close this gap with a discussion of the solutions to value, robot touch, and complete automation.
Also (January 2007) "Chinese Economic Reform" A speech given by Milton Friedman in 1988
Open Announcement By Post-Science Institute (January 2007):

The Computer Newspaper

(Definition: The Computer Newspaper is a computerized information transfer and analysis system, which is a natural global monopoly, engulfing all the information transfer and analysis functions of, in addition to the traditional newspaper, the television, the radio, the telephone, the post office, the shopping catalogue, the online education, and the library around the world. Post-Science Institute is one of its earliest pioneers (1969).)

The Computer Newspaper is an idea whose time has arrived (2007). It will be the grand prize in business competition among Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Craigslist, etc. in the coming decade and will create the first business in human history with a trillion dollars market cap. With its byproducts, the Infinite Spreadsheet and Universal Permanent Numbers, the Computer Newspaper will dominate business for the good part of the twenty-first century, and beyond, for it has captured the timely essence of globalization and the knowledge economy. (more...)
News (May 24, 2005): Prof. Chien Yi Lee of Post-Science Institute coins the phrase "Universal Computer Source Code" which is the solution to UNCOL considered one of the Holy Grails in computer science (See Communication with Prof. Ram below).

Goals Of Post-Science

(1) From Science To Post-Science
(2) From Free Market To Regulation By The Infinite Spreadsheet
(3) From Conflicting Number Standards To ONE Globally
Searchable Universal Permanent Number Standard

Introduction to Post-Science Institute

The value of knowledge is not determinable without the solution of value. Post-Science Institute has solved the problem of value. Currently, the solution has moved all the way from the intellectual to the patent, and finally to the commercial stage. It has been commercialized as the Infinite Spreadsheet for the valuation of real estates and stocks. Furthermore, Post-Science Institute recognizes that a permanent entity should be infinitely more valuable than a temporary entity, and that the permanence can be achieved through complete automation, such as in life. Post-Science Institute has also solved the problem of complete automation and holds the patent to completely automated software. Complete automation starts with the construction of robots, which can only be completely automated, if it can self-manufacture. Today, robots still can not even touch in that a robot finger bounces off a surface it tries to touch, as a ball bounces off a racket. Post-Science Institute has also solved the problem of touch or ball control. The problem of touch is unrecognized by Isaac Newton and all the scientists since Newton. The solution to touch demonstrates the subtlety of post-science and distinguishes post-science from science.

Post-Science Applications

(1) Infinite Spreadsheet: Value is defined as the sum total of all the future benefits and losses to infinity in time (Theory of Value, Gerard Debreu, Nobel Prize 1983). Infinite Spreadsheet is the solution of valuation, planning or decision. Based on mathematics, it is a non-violable law of nature in social science, as gravitation is a non-violable law of nature in science. As physically laws of nature govern the behavior of material objects, social laws of nature define the limit of our freedom. As a law of nature, the Infinite Spreadsheet supports deregulation and the free market of Milton Freidman (Nobel Prize 1976). All the laws in science are discovered, not man-made; the number of man-made laws in science is exactly zero. In practice, the Infinite Spreadsheet had predicted the US Savings and Loan Crisis as early as 1984 and had safeguarded investments by detecting over-valuation. (Click here for free demonstration of the Infinite Spreadsheets for real estates and stocks).
(2) Universal Permanent Numbers: Most of current number standards, such as ISBN and Unicode, are permanent, but not universal. Universal Permanent Numbers are managed by the Universal Permanent Software, which, in particular, can allow the computer to remember an unlimited number of the Numbers. Universal Permanent Numbers, being globally distinct, should play a central role in the cyber space according to Dr. T. L. Kunii (Founder of the Department of Information Science, the University of Tokyo). (Click here for the business plan and ISO application of Universal Permanent Number Standard).
(3) Jumpulse: Accelerating the racket at the precise moment of contact is the secret of consistency in tennis. Jumpulse, coined by the late Dr. Ta-You Wu (two Nobel Prize students), is a sudden change of force and is the solution to touch. (Click here to go to Jumpulse web site).

Post-Science Definitions:

The Computer Newspaper: A computerized information transfer and analysis system, which is a natural global monopoly, engulfing all the information transfer and analysis functions of, in addition to the traditional newspaper, the television, the radio, the telephone, the post office, the shopping catalogue, the online education, and the library around the world.
jumpulse: A sudden change of force, as impulse is a sudden change of momentum.
wu: Unit of jumpulse, where one wu equals one Newton.
Ching's Law of touch: Acceleration, unlike velocity and position, can change instantaneously.
Infinite Spreadsheet: Valuation software where the cash flow equation, Total Cash Return = Sum of Cash Flow + Cash From Resale, is satisfied for the price and all the resale prices to infinity in time.
Universal Permanent Software: Completely automated self-generating software, which can auto-update, auto-document, and self-generate.
Universal Permanent Numbers: The set of distinct integers from minus infinity to plus infinity.
Ching Number: Universal Permanent Numbers.
Ram Number: Universal Permanent Numbers used for protection against copyright infringement.
Kunii Number: Universal Permanent Numbers used for assigning integers to graphics and video.
Universal Computer Source Code (UNCOSOCO): A software concept which requires that all the source code should be in the form of integers. It is one of the three innovations of Universal Permanent Software; the other two are Universal User Interface, which is the tree-structured, multiple-choice question format, and Universal Data File, whose addresses are Universal Permanent Numbers.

Post-Science Communications

The following is a list of people who are the source and the inspiration of post-science discoveries.

Founder of Post-Science, Hugh Ching

Pioneers of Post-Science:

Immanuel Kant, Benedict Spinoza, David Hilbert, Richard Courant, Harold Grad, John von Neuman, Alan Turning, Gerard Debreu, Kenneth Arrow, Milton Friedman, Ta-You Wu, T. L. Kunii, C. V. Ramamoorthy, Paul Feyerabend, Bill Kinnard, William Seidman, Richard Stallman, and Hugh Ching

Communications with Ta-You Wu

How Wu surpassed Isaac Newton with the solution to touch, or collision without bounce.

Communications with Milton and Rose Friedman

" Dr. Friedman's Free Market is better than Government Regulation Based On Man-made Laws, but is not as good as Regulation Based On Laws Of Nature."

"Dr. Friedman's empirical verification of economic theories does not apply to some of the most fundamental quantities in economics, such as value, decision, price, and plan, whose validity must based on mathematical rigor, as first proposed by Immanuel Kant."

"Having built a bridge between science and post-science, Dr. Milton Friedman should be considered the greatest thinker of the twentieth century."
Hugh Ching, founder of post-science With a Commentary on Milton Friedman by Chien Yi Lee.

Communications with Tosiyasu Laurence Kunii

Dr. Kunii, the spiritual leader of post-science, initiated the touch research.

Communications with Chitoor V. Ramamoorthy

Prof. Ram verifies Prof. Chien Yi Lee's new concept of "Universal Computer Source Code."

Other Friends of Post-Science Institute (K. T. Li, Kenneth Arrow, Gerard Debreu, William Seidman, Al Gore, Richard Stallman, Paul Feyerabend, Harold Grad, Benson Mates, etc)

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